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Marathon Monday: Boston Strong

Marathon Monday has been a tradition in Boston for 120 years. In recent years, we have shown our strength and of course our resilience. As someone who has grown up in Boston the marathon is more than just annual nostalgia to me. It is the chills that run down your spine as the announcer congratulates runners at the finish line. It is the celebration of firsts, and for some even the celebration of decades. Even on the coldest (and how could we forget rainiest) days, the cheering of the crowd provides warmth and comfort. Despite weather forecasts, for 120 years people have come from all over the world to run in the Boston Marathon. Year after year proving it to be a life accomplishing task. They have made the impossible POSSIBLE, all in my hometown, and for that reason along with many many more I am proud to be Boston Strong!

Also a BIG Shoutout to Paula Desmarais Devlin and Lorna Carton who are running this year! Good Luck and Congratulations! We are SO PROUD of you!

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