Gym or Good Hair Day?

As women many of our days face the same obstacle, the gym and bad hair days. We often find ourselves sacrificing one for the other, usually opting for the good hair day. There is so many troubling things about gym hair; sweat, frizz, and of course ruining your weekend blowout. However ladies, thanks to some talented hair genies we've come up with some life (and blowout) saving tips. - Hair wraps for intense workouts (be sure to keep on until hair dries) - Princess Leia buns to create textured waves - Side braid to keep hair secured and out of face - Dry shampoo--- On dry hair only, on wet hair it will create a cakey residue. - Embrace-- Sweat is similar to salt spray. Scrunch wet strands with fingers and spray some scented hair product to keep locks smelling and looking fresh.

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