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Paris Fashion Week, Nina Ricci

Its the morning after a great night out and you don't have the energy to reapply makeup. Throw on some dark glasses and a splash of pigmented lip color and you can save yourself. The was the look that Nina Ricci was bringing to the runway this year. Everything was coasted in a sexy, highly-reflective patent lacquer. They used makeup to create a 3-D look. With a blue-red lipstick as the base they used other pigments, stirred in bronze and copper glitter particles and covering all with a clear gloss to seal it together. Also used a powder to get a very matte coat of lipstick with a very precise line.

#southieroots #rootshairsalon #southboston #boston #parisfashionweek #ninaricci #glam #pigments #lacquer #bronze #matte #naturalblondehair #longhair #longhairstyles #longlayeredhaircut #fringe

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