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Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the rarest of them all?

While many of us suspect that Ireland is flocked with red heads, only about 10% of the poulation are red headed, with only a 2% global population. With that being said red heads are RARE. Also no other hair color has their own festival! Annually in Ireland gingers from around the globe gather for a celebration of the red heads! As if being rare and having a festival about it isn't great enough, red heads rarely go grey. They usually skip the whole thing and go to blonde eventually turning white. Now that ive made us all extremely envious of redheads we can understand why kick a ginger day exists and why so many JEALOUS people try to hate on them!

#roots #southieroots #bostonhairsalon #boston #southboston #redheads #nicole #kidman #red #hair #hairsalon #curls #celebrity

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