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Fact or Fiction?

Do you need to switch your shampoo for healthier, better looking hair?

That is a MYTH! Hair cannot become immune to shampoo. So why does your hair not always feel as good as it did when you first started using the shampoo? Let's get to the root of the problem!

Depending on the quality of your hair helps determine which shampoo you should get. If you have curly hair that you would like to keep curly you would be looking for a shampoo to help enhance your curls. Or if you have dry, damanged hair you are looking for something with more moisture.

A lot of other things play a factor besides just your hair quality. Change of season, change of water, swimming in chlorine, hormonal changes, or adding highlights or color to your hair.

So if your feeling like your shampoo just isn't working for you it doesn't necessarily mean it will not work for you again!

Here at Roots Hair Salon we LOVE the Davines line of shampoos! My favorite is the Oi and Kerry's favorite is the Minu. Although we are both very guilty of using the Volu even though it isn't meant for our hair but it is great for going out hair!

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