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Super Bowl 50

With the big upset over the Patriots loss 2 sundays ago us Patriot fans have been down in the dumps to say the least. However no true Bostonian and i mean NO TRUE Bostonian denies a good party. With the abundance of super bowl commercials, to the holy Beyonce half time show, you can be sure we will all be watching, even without our GOD (Tom Bradys) face. May i add Patriots fans may not be the only ones upset that we wont be seeing the team of 10's on the field. Of course we wouldn't be true fans if we rooted on Peyton Manning, so with that being said go Panthers!

#patriots #tombrady #robgronkowski #rootssalon #rootshairsalon #southboston #boston #superbowl50 #superbowl #panthers #carolinapanthers #peytonmanning

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