Kanye vs Wiz

As I'm sure mostly everyone has seen the beef brewing between Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa. What started out as a harmless comment about the name change of Kanye's new ablum turned into low blows sent out from Kanye. Wiz had tweeted about smoking KK which is Khalifa Kush which Kanye took as him dissing his wife with the same initials, Kim Kardashian. Wiz has a child with Kanyes ex girlfriend, Amber Rose, who also had some tweets to add to the drama. Kanye has since deleted the tweets to Wiz and now has thanked him for the extra album promotion. We can all assume in the midst of this twitter firestorm Wiz's facial expression looked something like this

#wiz #kanye #boston #southboston #southie #rootssalon #rootshairsalon #twitter #funny #kimkardashian #a #amberrose #tweet

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