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Can you escape?

"A Boston cop decides that you and your rowdy friends are having a bit too much fun during your pub crawl. He throws you and the drunkards into the Charles St. Jail drunk tank. You pass out. When you wake up, still in the jail cell, you realize something feels off. Explore your cell and uncover clues about where you really are, who really put you there, and escape before someone comes back and finds out your escape plan."

Is the idea behind Boston's new "Trapology" in interactive experience where you try to escape from a sceniaro and you only have one hour before time is up! Great idea for birthdays, work or school events, or just a Friday night out with friends! Located on Tremont Street in Boston its definitely something to check out!

#rootshairsalon #southieroots #boston #trapology #tremontstreet

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