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The Beauty Bar

Hair Coloring, Cutting and Styled


 50 Shades of Gray/ Color
Roots/ Tints/ One Processes
Warm and Cool Toned Colors,
Blonde, Honey, Golden, Ash, Redheads, Mahogany, Copper, Rose, Strawberry
Browns, Chocolate, Chestnut, Jet Black Prices Start  65+

Specializing in hair-care, chemical hair services, cutting edge hair cut, and hottest beauty trends for 2016

 Top Camouflage Base Concealer/ Changing Base and Foiling/ Tones Double Process/ Tint with Highlights


Covering Gray, Changing Base, Root Touch Up with adding Highlights or Lowlights to create two or three dimensional color, To add Color, Texture or Brighten up your face.

Prices Start 155+

Color       Cocktails

Color       Cocktails

Master Lightener and Deposit Specialist/ Blonde Bombshell/ 

Bleach and Tone


Rose Gold, Rose Quartz, Platinum, Purple, Pale Blonde, Ashy, Cool Grey, Shades of Violet, Sand, Pearl, Cool Tones, Warm Tones, Blue Gray, Dusty Pink, Icy Tones, Pastel Tones, Frozen Blonde

Prices Start 115+

Pigment Mixologist / Creative Color


Personal Color Combinations, Peek-a-Boo Color, Vivid Colors, Gorgeous, Brilliant, Bold, Deep, Color Melt, Special Effect, Panels, Red, Orange, Green, Violet, Blue, Magenta, Neon Shades, Pink, Yellow, Rainbow, Ombre, Pop Of Color

Prices Start Upon Consultation


 Cinnamon Swirl/ Highlights/  Lowlights


Texture Tones, Color Dimension, Depth, Natural, Ash Blonde, Bright, Honey Blonde, Sun-kissed Natural or Bold Foils, Paper Thin Highlights, Luminous, Top Color Technicians will find the Best Tones for your 


Prices Start 130+

 Hair Strobing Technician
Balayage/ Flamboyage/ Painted On/ Ombre

Shimmery  Blondes, Rich Depth Tones, Hair Design, Multi-Dimensional Color, Custom Blending, Cinnamon Swirl

Prices Start 175+

Cocktail Correction Specialist/Cosmetic Hair Surgeon/   

Color Corrections Hair/ Repair/ Cuts that need to be Blended 


Keeping the Health and Integrity of your Hair, High Quality Professional Hair Products used to Repair and Correct Porous, Over Processed,

Compromised Color Treated Hair That was a Result from Box Bottled Hair, Over Bleached, Layers of Colors, Black tint, Reshaping Hair that has been Over Layered or Under Layered, Choppy Chunky Layered Cuts that may need to be Softened

Prices Start Upon Consultation

Beauty Blenders/ Glazes/ Rinses/ Toners


To Add Shine, Gloss, Texture to Faded Hair, Glisten, Sheen, Tone, Brightness, Richness, Seal the Cuticle, Low Maintenance Color

Prices Start 65+



*All prices are subject to change.

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